"Little did anyone know that what was foretold thousands of years ago is finally beginning…"

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About the Author Lauren C. Mayher

The Legend of Darien: A Hero Rises is Mayher's first book in the series.  Heavily influenced by fantasy and science fiction books and films such as Harry Potter and Star Wars, she began to develop stories and characters of her own even when she in grade school.  Written during her senior year at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey in New Brunswick where she majored both in Communication and Psychology, The Legend of Darien transports readers into another world with brave knights and fearless dragons.

-Excerpt from the first book of the series, The Legend of Darien: A Hero Rises

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Imagine entering the world under the guise of a prince. This is what happened to Darien the Dragonslayer. A few days after his birth, Darien was taken from his family and brought to the Hemlon Kingdom. There, he is switched with a prince who will fight alongside Darien to take the throne from his evil brother. Darien a.k.a. the Hemlon Prince Aernon is informed of his true identity on his eighteenth birthday via a magical sage, his gardener Karah, who leads the Dragonslayer to meet his fortune of foiling monsters and quelling the dark forces that threaten his community. However, Darien's biggest battles in The Legend of Darien: A Hero Rises are trying to live up to the stories and legacy...and if he has the heart to fight against the people he called family.