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     “What are you proposing?” Karah asked.
     “I want to hit Groller on his head to knock him out.”
     “Are you kidding me?”
     “I don’t see a whole hell a lot of options!”
     “And how are you going to get him to cooperate with your little scheme?”
     Darien glared over to the monster that seemed to be getting closer and closer with each step.  He gulped.  “I’m going to be the bait.”
     Karah slapped a hand to her face and groaned.  “Of course you are.”

The Legend Begins...

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Exciting, witty, and heartfelt, The Legend of Darien will take readers into a mythical world to be introduced to a wide variety of characters, dragons, and monsters.  He or she will be rooting for Darien as he comes to terms with his destiny, and will sympathize with Karah's struggle to keep the Dragonslayer in check.

Concept Artwork

During her time at college, Lauren C. Mayher would occasionally draw characters and scenes in her notebooks.  Below are some examples of what she drew.  If you have any artwork you would like us to add to this page, visit the "Contact" section and send us a note!